Gmail for alerting?

I swear I’ve seen somewhere that you can use gmail for email alerts, but now I can’t find it… can anyone point me in the right direction to get it set up?


Hello Ed-

Yes, it’s definately possible to use Gmail for alerting. The settings are as follows (go to Settings-Alert Settings in FactorySQL):

Mail Server:
User Name:
Port: 587
Password: yourpassword

And then you need to check “Advanced - Use SSL/TLS”

And that should do it! Gmail’s just a bit different because they use a different port and they require TLS. The nice thing is that gmail will store all of the alerts sent through it, so you can log into your account later and look at the history if you want.

Hope this helps!

Important note: With FactorySQL 3.x, you must use port 587 for gmail to work… some documentation will say 465 (as it was in FSQL 2.x), but that’s a different SSL standard and won’t work any more.


Important note:

Some users who have used GMAIL for alerting purposes have found that their accounts have been closed by Google, who undoubtedly thinks the messages are spam being sent from a bot. Therefore, while the settings above do work, we recommend only using them for testing or until you can get a company email account set up.