Go to last Table page

I have a Table component in Perspective that is bound to multiple pages of data from my DB. When a new row is added, I want to set the page to the last page so the user can see what they submitted.

I can write a script to set the activePage to an arbitrary page, but I can’t see a way of telling from the script what the last page is. Is there a cleaner way than extrapolating the number of pages from the row count and rows per page?

Thanks is advance,

It might be difficult, considering that the number of pages could be affected by the other options props. A feature request to expose the number of total pages might be good.

Can you not edit your query or sort it on the relevant date column? These can be scripted as well?

I will submit it as a feature request.

I might be able to figure out some way to accomplish what I’m looking for by query or script, but it would be nice to just have that exposed as a property of the component.

Thanks for the help.