Going from deprecated report component to actual Report?

I have a project that started in an old 7.X (I am unsure) version and is currnetly on 7.9.9. It has a component I have never seen before but must be how reports used to be made as all the report logic is in the component. See here -

I have been tasked with making it so these reports also make a PDF copy on the gateway. I originally thought I would just call system.report.executeAndDistribute in a gateway message handler with the report name and datasets and save it to the server file system. Except this project has nothing under reports, it seems like every report has its logic contained in one of these components.

Is there a way to export the report logic from the component so I can make it an actual report that can be called by system.report.executeAndDistribute? Or is there some magic way I can somehow print from these components in the gatweay context (I don’t think so but some people here are very clever)?

Or, am I doomed to the fate of having to remake all these reports as Reports outside of these old components?

There should be an automagic option (right click the component?) that upgrades it from a ‘legacy’ report to a modern report, at which point you’ll have full access to scheduled actions and the like.

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I was fearing the worst for a moment but this works! Thank you! Click “Convert” in the right click dialog for anyone else finding this.

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