Gold Test

Am working my way through the Gold certification test… is it just me or are the troubleshooting section questions very difficult? Says to allow 2 hours, I spent 90 mins on 4 questions and only have an inclining for one…

For the second section, for the SQL file to be attached; does this have to have code which creates the schemas, tables, default values etc? (Similar to the file included with the demo project). Or is it sufficient to create the tables and let the project populate them?

Any tips on how to get an easychart working from a UDT passed parameters popup? Tried many different ways and none worked, searched the forum and found one post suggesting to use the basic chart instead. Got this working, but need to know how to fix the easychart for the 1st section anyway. Opened the demo project and my tagpath in cell update binding looks the same method as used there (Meta:TagPath).

Thanks in advance

Got them all eventually

Hi, I am about to take my gold certification test and came through your post.
May I know if the Gold test difficulty level is very different from the core test?
Is the gold certification more intense on scripting and MySQL Dbs?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Leo, yes the Gold test is a fair bit more difficult, and does rely heavily on knowledge of SQL and Python Scripting.