Good Resolution in HiDPI Ubuntu - Ignition 7

I’ve been browsing for a while trying to get openJDK version 9 installer :pensive:
Can anybody please share the .deb file for Ubuntu

I found a tar.gz version
I tried to “install” from version archive .tar.gz. It Iooks like symbolic links works but the designer is not scaling correctly in 2560x1600 resolution. Maybe I didn’t get the actual version 9

scale too small

EDIT": Found it at Archived OpenJDK GA Releases (

The native launcher on 7.9 uses JDK 9, so you can just use that instead.

It looks like you’re maybe using a high DPI Setup, and I’m not sure the Linux version scales correctly or automatically on high DPI unless you manually add the JVM argument -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2.0.

Should I add it to ./ignition.config file?

No, it would have to be added to the launcher somehow… but now I can’t remember if the 7.9 launchers had that kind of config option.

I’ve been trying to find out, not luck yet

In ~/.ignition/clientlauncher-data there should be a launch.xml file with a key:


edit that to be:


See if that does anything after closing/opening the launcher and launching a new Designer or Client.

Perfect, that did the trick.