Google Calendar API

I am using Ignition maker edition to automate my house, using a Raspberry Pi as a server. I have a display on a 7" touchscreen with tabs to: lights, temperatures, dashboard, etc. I would like to eventually add google features such as: Calendar, Gmail, Drive, but don’t really know how to implement APIs into Ignition. I have read the documentation on this (see below), but it doesn’t really make sense to me on where to start. Has anyone done this before, or have a step by step on how to implement this with a Pi as the server?


To run HTTP Verb requests you need to use and then with the httpClient object you can run get and post requests.

Most likely you would use get requests to get info on what is currently on your calendar and use post to add a calendar event.

I see on the line you sent that you need to install some google packages with pip. I am not sure if they will work since Ignition uses jython, which is not really the standard, so they may not be installable unfortunately. But ultimately all this boils down to doing some API calls so you still may be able to get around using google packages and handling all this with your get/post requests. However it does not seem a trivial task.

I am using Google calendar on my website and it is working fine.

In this URL I included "max-results=10" which displays a maximum of 10 events on my website.

Now I like to add "max 10 days from today" to it so it will not display events after 10 days.

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  1. $.getJSON('' + '' + 'public/full?' + 'orderby=starttime&' + 'sortorder=ascending&' + 'futureevents=true&' + 'max-results=10&' + 'singleevents=true&' + 'alt=json',

Is this possible to add something to this url and if yes how?