Google Cloud Platform: BigQuery

Our company is looking at possibly integrating Google’s BigQuery database into our processes. We already use their Firestore/Firebase offering (which was painful to integrate due to the access token security) and we have a number of MySQL cloud databases. Just wondering if anyone here has tried integrating BigQuery with Ignition? They do have a JDBC driver but I’ve read that it has some differences that could be problematic. I’ll be digging into it and doing some testing but was hoping others may have already tried.

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I have this type of system design as well, but the Cloud Function meant to detect the pub/sub message is not handling the Schema of the JSON payload well… I am requesting a walk through like the one they have fore AZURE to explain in more detail the setup needed for the table entries so they map correctly.

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I wish I had some additional insight to offer but we ended up using Elastic instead of BigQuery and it was fairly straight forward to get data into Ignition via Elastic’s REST API. If you end up with any additional learnings, please post back here as I would be very interested!

btw - welcome to the community!