Google Maps style issue in Perspective

I am using google maps component and I had created a project on google cloud.
I got the JavaScript API key and added into the session props, and I can see the google map.
now I had created the style on google cloud and got the Map id and added the map id into the google map props but the style which I have provided is not reflecting.
I am not able to understand what I am doing wrong for integrating style.

*for information I am using the trial version of google cloud api.

how are you aplying the maps?
with layers.rasters.title?

show us (make sure to hide the api key, dont share that bit in public :))

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  • created Map styles and for testing purpose I had change ocean text color to red.
  • created Map ID and linked the Map Id to the particular style I have created.
  • Added Map ID to Google map component properties.

When running I can see the Google map with markers which I have added but cant see the styles which I linked.

show this in perspective too

Its difficult to cost of using google api, it says $200 credit free but I see on maps as for development purpose only.

Then use the other map component, which can point at open source tiles. Less features, but free.


Can you provide list of maps which can be integrated with ignition in less cost or free.


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Did you understand why Maps styles is not reflecting in Google Maps components.

im not really familiar with it sry