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We are developing a project for a customer who has several factories located in different regions. He is interested in having an initial screen where you can see on a google map the location of their factories. In addition to an interactive map, we want to show info of a selected factory.

I can see explained here what I’m looking for:

I tried to import “GoogleMapsStaticAPI.fwin” but the extension is not recognized (only *.vwin seems to be supported). Any suggestions to implement what I have described above?

The Ignition version is 7.6.4 (b2013112117)


Kymera has a really nice map module in the Module Marketplace that might work for what you need. It’s located here

@mgross if you got 3k, is this really an option for the op?

the google static maps api is basically just an url that you build. I have built a quick one to show you some basics. basically you just use an expression or even scripting to build the url that you want, then stick it in the image component path. keep in mind that the url is limited to a certain amount of charachters, but that wont be a problem if you are showing less than like 20 sites or something.

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Thanks for the input diat150. It is really useful.


can you relink to this project file?
It doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I’ve got the same problem. i’m not able to get a .vwin file
could you please help me with that

I’ve got the same problem. i’m not able to get a .vwin filecould you please help me with that

could you tell me how didi you solve the issue cause i’have the same problem.

For simple, more limited use this is a brilliant idea.