GPL Linking exception

Does anybody know if it is possible to write a 3rd parth Ignition GPL module that falls under the “classpath exception” or “GPL Linking Exception”? Obviously, Inductive Automation can’t release GPL software without turning the whole platform GPL.

Not sure what you mean here.

Do you want to release a module under the GPL but allow others to link against it under that exception?

Or do you want to release a module that uses a GPL’d library and hope you can avoid releasing the source code, citing the exception as the reason you don’t need to release it?

In either case - can you release a module that uses someone elses open source GPL code (releasing your source code as well)? The issue in question is whether the platform can legally remain closed source/commercial while allowing a 3rd party module to use GPL.

I think so. I’m no laywer, but I can’t see how we’d be drawn into GPL if a third party added a module that linked against a GPL library. Seems like if that was the case, then if you installed a GPL program onto Windows, then Windows itself would become GPL (obviously not the case)