GPS Tracking Perspective Map

I’m new to Ignition and I am looking at using ignition in the cloud. I would like to track effluent irrigation around farms and have geofencing if possible. I have custom gateways with VPNs to my server and connected to s7-1200 PLCs for pump controls, I have wireless GPS modules on the Irrigation connecting back to my gateway, I am using Node-Red to put the coordinates into SQL DB.

Is there a way to put layers onto the map such as polygon from coordinate data stored in the DB? I would also like to have ability to select the from and to dates and then live data as it’s being loaded into DB from the last 6 hours.

I can’t seem to see any option in using a satellite version of the map or is this not available?

Are we only limited to open street with the perspective map or is there a way I can use Google Maps and my API key in the perspective view?

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You probably could create some sort of named query to pull those and bind them into the markers. Though not sure how to make the markers take the orientation you’d need to show position.

As for the maps, you can use other maps outside of open street, but the component uses the Leaflet library which I don’t believe google maps supports. If google maps is needed, might be able to work around using an Inline Frame? I haven’t messed with it at all, so I don’t know what its limitations are, but in theory it might work.

I will look more into the python scripting, I may be able to put all the coordinates into an array or string and bind that data to the polyline in the map possibly.

I have tried tiles from other map provider for satellite but it is quite outdated. The customer also wants to overlay NDVI satellite images also ( They current use another website for this ) I tried to link that website via Inline Frame but does not work. There seems to be issues with the Inline Frame, I can only get it to work with the youtube link in docs and can’t display any other websites which seems odd, the URLs work on normal web browsers, possibly a bug or issue with it.

What would be great is a component to have Is something similar to the Inline Frame but you can put in your own HTML/JS code to access JS APIs and create other web stuff that’s not supported by Ignition, this would make it very power full if you can embed this on the perspective view.

So basically that just leaves the Inline Frame unusable for most applications then. I tried a bunch of web sites with no luck. That’s disappointing you can’t just display another website. Is there another work around for this?

Even other basic SCADA software can do this no trouble and even allows you to embed your own HTML/JS if you wish to. Is this something you will remedy in the future or just leave it at that?

There’s nothing for us to remedy. <iframe> is just an HTML element, and the rendering of its content is determined by your browser. Something like the Web Browser component works in Vision, yes, because it’s a “real” browser frame - but the tradeoff for the ‘design-once, run-everywhere’ nature of Perspective is that it’s relying on browsers for the runtime environment - which means that browsers ultimately have control over how things render.

We could theoretically use a different rendering engine in the future Perspective ‘Workstation’ dedicated desktop application(s), but we’re very unlikely to do so for a variety of reasons - security, stability (the implication of forking or developing our own rendering engine is daunting), performance, etc.