GPX or GeoJson Track on a Map component

Hi all,

A customer needs to overlay lines on a Map component (highvoltage Cabel). There need to be sectors of 3 Meters lengh. Those sectors should show different colors acording to the temperaturevalues from the cabel.

I tried to set those long/lat coordinates manualy but this would not be feasible for the whole cable lengh. I tried to use geojson but could not find out how that works.
Has anybody a example how to use geojson?
Or is there another way to draw those cables to a mapcomponent for example with a gpx file?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Regards Marco

Marco is looking at a way to overlay large numbers of small lines (or polylines), each representing 3 meter cable segments. They will not move, but should be capable of changing color based on status. What options are available to accomplish this?

As a resource, I created this document when I was learning to use the Ignition Map component (largely focuses on tile servers and ArcGIS). GeoJSON is mentioned at the end. It may provide a viable option in addition to native Perspective Map elements (e.g. polyline).

Perspective Maps - GIS Information_small.pdf (627.7 KB)

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From the dev team:
Best option is to roll your own GeoJSON. First start by creating a static dataset that works how you want on the Perspective Map component (instructions at the end of the document I posted). We can separately deal with the problem set of dynamically generating the GeoJSON in the appropriate format (queries, scripting, transform, http binding, etc).

Resources to help:

The Perspective Map component does not currently support “styles”. There is an active ticket (IGN-3354) to improve the map component, work not to start before 1Q22. If you email me a business case tied to customer examples I can get the support and requirement “ask” into the ticket. This ticket should include support for KML and GPX conversion to GeoJSON.

Thanks Nathan!
I will send you the email with the business case.
Is there any way to set colors of the lines? (something like that simplestyle-spec/1.1.0 at master · mapbox/simplestyle-spec · GitHub)?

Did KML into Map components / layers get released?

I am being asked to import KML for nat gas piping.