Grabbing the index of a table

So this might be super trivial or something I am not sure. What I am trying to do, at least I think it should, is fairly simple.

I have three tables, one is showing a master list of everything, the other two tables show Parent or Child relationships between those on the master list. I want to set up a system where if it is selected on the child/parent tables it will deselect everything and select the child/parent on the master list. I need a way to scan through the master list to grab the index where it equal what the child/parent ID was.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Well, you can use the data.getValueAt(row, col) function to check what the value is in any given row.

Will that grab me the index? if I go, data.getValueAt(row, “Index”)

Yeah, that’s right. Assuming you have a column named Index. There’s more about it in the user manual.

I don’t. In the picture it shows the layout. I want to double click on a parent or child. and have it set that to be the selected row in the top. So I have to reset the column selector, that isn’t hard to do. From there I need to take the DocumentID, which is a column, and go through the master list and find the index of that DocumentID. From there I can set the selected row of the master list to the index. I am having a problem finding the index part.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘index’. If that is not a column in your table, then what is it?