Graph pen readings wrong when multiple pens selected

My problem is that on my click to graph a pen trace show’s up incorrectly when too many pens are selected. In the screenshots “Boiler 2 Water Flow” should be 95% flat lining along the bottom as in graph3. With more and more pens selected the pen seems to develop the triangular pattern in graph2 and graph1.

I’m sure this exact problem is on the forum somewhere else but I cant find it.

How do I cure this so it never happens as bad data is worse than no data. :thumb_left:

working with 7.3.2


This issue was fixed in the 7.3.3 version.

[quote] Fixed - SQLTags History queries incorrectly interpolate between good and bad values, causing
misleading values to be displayed on graphs.[/quote]

You’re right that it is on the forum several times, however, I’ll give you some points in that you’re the only one who connected it to having multiple tags on the graph at the same time! (I know, “points” don’t mean much when dealing with bugs, but it’s the best I’ve got)