Graph questions

Can I graph a series in the report viewer and display the values in bar labels ?

I have a standard bar graph and I was wondering how I could control the bars width so that it doesn’t automatically change according to how many categories I am displaying?
In this way I would like to waste space in the graph pushing all my bars to the left and making them very small.

  1. Yes - simply check the “Show Bar/Wedge Labels” option on your report’s bar chart.
  2. No, the bar chart wants to space out the categories and items evenly. All you can do is play with the margins between them. You might be able to fake it out by inserting a bunch of zero-height bars by playing with your dataset. If you really need this and are feeling adventurous, writing a really basic bar chart using the paintable canvas wouldn’t be too hard (they are just rectangles, after all…) You could butt this up against a few linear scales for axes and be on your way…