Graph Ticks for the Y axis

The Easy charts seems to “auto” assign the number of vertical ticks, even if Auto Ranging is turned off.

I have a chart that I scaled from 175 to 225 deg F. I’m getting ticks every 2.5 deg F.

It would be nice if I could specify Major ticks (i.e. 1 tick would give me a major tick at the 200 degree point) (number of major ticks between the borders)


Minor ticks (4, would give be a minor tick every 5 degrees.) (number of ticks between each major tick)

ALSO - the option to automatically or manually supply labels to the ticks.


You aren’t the first person to request something like this. In fact, in the upcoming FactoryPMI 2.1.5, there is already some manual control over ticks. Here is what you get in 2.1.5:

The ability to specify a manual tick density (i.e. A tick every 2 degrees, etc).

The ability to specify a manual gridline density.

There aren’t major and minor ticks, but one could consider the gridlines to be a minor tick.

How does this sound? Does it cover your needs?