Graphical database

Hey guys. Sorry for my lack of spelling im on my phone.

I was woundering has anyone used the newer graphical data bases? Watching videos on it. It looks too house better data when it concerned too things such as user profiles and data. Increased searching. And more.

Im a novice in data bases. But it seems like a intresting thing that could grow the scada world

I’m not sure what you’re asking about. Graph databases? GraphQL? Any links to the videos you’re talking about?

In general, specialized databases are great for specialized use cases, but not as a replacement for more general relational dbs most of the time. Use case matters a lot here.

Some of the different company’s that offer it seem too be some called


From the video and research i have done it seems too offer a more powerful search if you use it for Users, POS systems for internal uses, and more, i dont think it would be good for using in scada systems where you are bring back data from sensors, This is where i think a Rational System would be better, but i could see a more dynamic system taking the stage to for a lot of items.

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