Graphical Errors with Rotating Animations

I’ve got a couple of components in vision that are having issues with resizing/reloading. The rotated element will resize itself and result in greater distortion each time it is reloaded or resized. This appears to happen in both relative and anchored. A proportional valve below demonstrates what occurs. I reloaded the screen about 10 times to get this result. This gets worse and worse each time the component is loaded. The valve handle in this case continues to grow in size vertically and just gets super wonky.

I expected that system.nav.swapTo() would cause the component to reload the component each time (because the window is closed), but it does not, so that’s not really a fix.


Not a real fix, but an easy thing to try - what if you set the cache policy of the window with these animations to ‘Never’? Then they’ll be rebuilt from ‘scratch’ each time you navigate to them.

I’ll take it!

Seems to have done the trick. Thank you for the fast reply. I wish there was a way to prevent caching at a component or group level rather than the whole screen, but I can’t complain about solutions.