Graphics distortion when using system.gui.transform

Hi all,

I have a template with a symbol in it (a group of two lines making a “+” sign), which rotates 45 degrees on click. The animation is performed by binding the angle of the symbol to the x coordinate of a small invisible rectangle, and then moving the rectangle (using system.gui.transform) on click. When the template is clicked, it also toggles a boolean parameter called “toggled”. The animation works fine when I place the template on a display and click it.

Now, I want to set up a property change script on an instance of the template in a window. When the “toggled” parameter changes, I use system.gui.transform to move the template a certain distance across the display. When I do this, the template moves and the symbol turns, but the symbol also stretches and deforms. After a few clicks, the symbol is completely gone, although the button still functions.

Any ideas why this might be happening, or how to fix it?



The error only occurs when the project is run in Full Screen.

This is a known issue with the system.gui.transform function - should be fixed in Ignition 7.9.2 depending on how testing goes. In the meantime, try:

  1. Forcing the coordSpace argument to 1 (the default is 0)
  2. If that doesn’t work, you can also try using the (undocumented, technically unsupported) system.gui.moveComponent() function for now.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll try those fixes.

This is still not fixed in 7.9.11!!!:astonished:

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