Graphics Files

Other formats besides .png would be handy.

Animated gif files would be really cool.

You mean for us to provide them, or the ability to use them?

If its the latter, the feature is already done! You can use PNG, JPEG, or GIF (animated or not)

FYI: The trick to the animated GIFs is to not put them in the image component - use a label component. The image component’s advanced functionality like tinting, stretching, and color swapping break the animated-ness of the gif.

Hope this helps,

Yes, to use them. That is exactly what I was doing. I’ll try it in another object. Thanks.

Yes, this should work. Please let us know if you are finding that it doesn’t.

Animated gifs will work with a regular image component if you set the Stretch Mode to No Stretch. Color filters seem to still work.

I may be wrong, but I think the stretch is the only thing that breaks it. Other components don’t stretch the image (labels, buttons)

This example first uses a label with the animated gif. The red one below uses an image component with a color filter.

Works as advertised. Except now I want more…

IF ({Root Container.External Alarm.External_Alarm} ,"Builtin/icons/Imported_Icons/soundon.gif" ,"Builtin/icons/Imported_Icons/soundoff.gif")

At first this didn’t work but it was due to a typo.

I am guessing I could do multiple images based on a switch statement and go totally nuts with this if I wanted to.

Yep. You know that the switch statement works like that if that you posted. They’re both returning a string based path to your images.

You can apply that technique to any component that can display an image including: images (stretch mode off), labels, and buttons.