Graphing Multiple Plots on the Same Graph in a Reporting Page?

I need to graph the pressure and weight of a list of test IDs (unique values) over the duration of a testing period. Basically, I need to graph multiple plots that are generally the same over top of each other on a single graphing page. The problem that I am currently having is that the graphs have a tail that reset to zero after they have finished mapping. I will include an image:

How could I get rid of these connecting tails? Thanks!

That seems odd. How are you getting the data into your report? Are you able to share a .csv or similar file export?

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Yes I could, however I get a box that says, “Users cannot upload attachments”… I will try to my best to figure explain the format.

there are 5 columns in the data set. TestID, Pressure, Weight, and Elapsed Time are the 4 important values. The number of TestID’s vary depending on what a user inputs. It could be just 1 value like 11, or it could be multiple values such as 11,71,75. I want to be able to look at the pressure and weight between different test ID’s over the elapsed time all on one graph. Elapsed time ranges from 0-2500 seconds usually and its measured in 250 ms intervals… so theres roughly 5-10k rows per test ID usually. The data is ordered by test ID and elapsed time, so all of the testID 11s are in ascending order, followed by 71 and 75 accordingly.

I hope this helps give an idea.

Basically it thinks when the next TestID starts graphing the time resets to 0 and the chart cant tell that the time has ended and its time to start with a new test ID