Grayed Out Alarm Configuration

Hundreds of my alarms have a gray box in the name space and will not allow me to change the priority to a differnet value and I’m wondering how to fix the issue.

I’m sorry, I can’t download the attachment anymore. Can you give us a little information about what exactly is happening? Also, are you using the newer 7.6 alarms or 7.5?

The version is 7.62 and multiple tags got converted to a priority level of diagnostic.

The alarm states are keyed off of the alarm names, and not having a name is invalid. Did this happen to a tag that was created in a 7.5 or earlier version?

You can try deleting the alarm and re-creating it, or if that doesn’t work you can export the tag to XML and modify it to include a name. The format for that alarm is really simple (since default values aren’t recorded) and it should be something like:

<Tag name="My Alarm" path="" type="OPC"> <Property name="Value">1</Property> <Property name="DataType">2</Property> <Alarms> <Alarm name="state name"> <Property name="setpointA">1.0</Property> </Alarm> </Alarms> </Tag>

The tags were created in the past and somewhere after my 7.5 or 7.6 upgrade they got messed up.

Thanks for the help, I was able to fix it using the XML export.