Green arrows on components with conditional properties between them


I´ve this little visual issue

i did bind the enable property betwen the toggle button, slide bar and buttons . i did check the necessarily the bidirectional check box because i need to write and read the tags of the PLC.

but i see that when i click some components whit this bind change the size of the components and appear a little green circle with white arrows.
i don´t have a problen with the circle with arrows but this visual efect change the size of the components and this cause an overflow in the flex container and apear the uggly scroll bar in the screen. when the transmition is over the components back to normal state.

there´s a way to hide or supress this efect of size or green arrows ?

kind regards

There probably is a way to hide the arrows but i have no idea how you even got them, ive never seen those before dx so i cant really look it up xD Mind posting the json of you view here?
But you could stop the scroll bar with a style property
depending which you want

The green arrows are a quality overlay, specifically the Good_WritePending quality which indicates that a tag write is in progress. You can turn it off in the binding by turning on overlay opt-out. I can’t find in the user manual where it shows the Perspective dispalys of quality overlays, perhaps they’re not in there at the moment @Paul.Scott?

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Hello thankyou guys.

yesterday, inductive support sendme the same answer.

"You can try going through the bindings on the components and clicking “Overlay Opt-Out.” It’s a checkbox on the binding menu. This should prevent the components from showing the overlays.

For the buttons, it appears that the dev team just implemented a fix related to this issue, so there’s a good chance it will be fixed in version 8.1.11. “Overlay Opt-Out” should prevent the buttons from showing these for now.

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