Green question mark Tags

When I connected a new PLC and create some new OPC tags, I found all of these tags are with green question marks.
What should I do? Restart gateway or module?

Ignition 7.9.17

Try restarting just the device. (Edit the device and save without actually changing anything.)

Thank you, Phil.
I tried, but not work.

Electrician told me that PLC firmware is above V21. So I deleted the device then create it again use the new firmware version.(Before that I used legacy version)
Working now.
Thanks again.

I didn't understand your solution. Deleted the device from Ignition?

Where does the firmware factor in to it (i.e. where is it specified in the PLC configuration under Ignition devices)?

It's not a setting, but a different driver for ControlLogix V20 and older, and CompactLogix V20 and older, versus generic Logix V21+. (With a caveat for v20.19. Details in the docs.)

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Noted and thanks!!! :grin: