Green question on tags

I see green question mark on the Tags and it shows the static value of the tag. I am using Ignition 7.9.7 version. I drag and drop the tags using OPC DA server, the values of the tags were updating but now most of them goes to “null” or static values, not updating.

Another question is how can I connect two Ignition Systems to move/import tags from one to another?

Quickest route to move/import tags is to export them as XML from the tag browser, you can ether do a whole project, or select the tags or folders you want and export just those by right clicking and selecting Export on the selected tags.

You can then import them by right clicking in the tag browser and selecting import. There are also import/export buttons at the top of the tag browser.

Thanks for help Garrett, this is one way of moving tags. I am looking if I could use OPC server to connect the two ignition systems and directly drag and drop the tags. As I am using OPC server to move tags from VT SCADA into Ignition. I was wondering if there was a same way to get the tags from one Ignition system to another?

It depends on what this actually means. Are you just trying to export the configuration of your tags from one system to another (meaning both Ignition gateways would be connected to the same devices, OPC servers, etc) or do you want to have one Ignition gateway handle the communication with devices/OPC, and another server simply “use” those tags transparently? In the first case - just export your tags (there’s an option to do so in the designer) and import them on the other system, although your OPC servers, devices, etc, will all have to match exactly.

In the latter case - take a look at the ‘Remote Tag Provider’ video/associated info in the manual here:
Once you’ve set up a gateway network connection, you can share (and even remotely edit) tags from one gateway on another).

For completion - you can also do the latter task with a direct OPC-UA connection between Ignition systems, but this would be strictly read/write - you won’t have the ability to edit tags remotely.