Grid Lines In Alarm Status Table

Howdy Folks!

We recently upgraded to 8.1.17 and we now have grid lines in the alarm status table component which drive me absolutely crazy. I noticed in the 8.1.16 changelog that this appears to have been intentional.

Visualization - Swing

Vision Alarm Status Table now has an intercell spacing of 1px to make rows and columns easier to distinguish.

I recall having to do something unintuitive to get rid of them while I was building the application, but don’t recall exactly what I did.

Any tips on getting rid of them or if this is just the way it is? I’d assume there is a way to override the default, but I haven’t come up with anything yet.


The change in 8.1.16 was reverting a regression, amusingly. The lack of gridlines was a difference in appearance compared to earlier versions.

To change back, you literally set the inter cell spacing back to 0, 0; you’ll just need to extract a reference to the inner table inside the component. There’s some stuff on the forum about how to do that; try looking for “recursive getComponents” and “alarm status table buttons”.

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