GridDB as tag historian

Hi guys,

Having tested Kymera’s InfluxDB module, was wondering how difficult it would be to develop something similar for

Not that we require anything better than Influx, but trying to understand how limitless the tag historian functionality is when it comes to new DB engines.


Yes, this is something that we can definitely do. How did you like the InfluxDB module? From our testing, it seems to be pretty solid.


Hi Kyle,

I guess it’s human nature never to be completely satisfied, so I wished some sort of universal TSDB connector could be developed, as the landscape for non-traditional high-performance databases is increasing exponentially and, in my opinion, the gap with traditional historians’ performance has closed.

But having already complained ;), I’m extremely satisfied with the InfluxDB module; seamless (almost invisible) integration and, performance (using just 1 node) is an order of magnitude above MySQL that I was using. While our IT teams showed some reluctance to step out of their SQL comfort zone into the world of TSDBs, users concerns about “needing” the king of process historians to satisfy their requirements have been dissipated for good with Ignition + InfluxDB.


We have been debating building a universal historian module, for lack of a better term, using something like Kafka as a universal store and forward middleware. Then have some way to configure sinks that will have the data in a useable state, which can be polled using the typical ignition functionality. No timeline or even plan put into it more than that, however.

Glad you like the InfluxDB module.