[GRIPE]Template Deletion

When working on a template, if I accidentally select what is usually the "root container" in a window it selects the template itself in the project browser. Then, if I hit delete it will delete the entire template (with a confirmation popup, of course). So, if I'm trying to delete a component and accidentally miss and click the background I might end up deleting the entire template.

Not sure if this is something that can be changed, but it seems like this shouldn't happen. I should have to deliberately select the template in the project browser to delete it. Or, the template itself should not be able to be deleted at all when it's open.


I know exactly what you are talking about. This has happened to me before as well without a warning popup, and I lost quite a bit of work. I also had this happen once with ctrl-x, but in that case, I was able to click on the templates folder and paste the template back in without losing anything.

Edit: Perhaps there was a warning popup, but I simply didn't realize what I was deleting. The whole template suddenly disappearing without recourse is not intuitive or expected.

The worst part is that this can't be undone with a simple ctrl+z, like most other things.


I wonder if there is a feature request for blocking deletion from within the template editor because I would like to vote for that. We kinda have this feature already for windows. Since we can't delete a window's root container, windows never get inadvertently deleted in this way.

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I just found this one:

It doesn't quite read the way I expected, but it is this issue.