Ground Bond / Hi-Pot Serial Interface

Has anybody interfaced with hi-pot or ground bond testers over RS232? Any sample code you can share, or any lessons learned? Any particular models that are preferred that make remote comms easier?

I’m planning on using Vision for this. I’m assuming I need to purchase the $350 serial module to make it work.

A while back I did some preliminary testing with Gw Instek GPT-9803 Hipot/Megger testers. Unfortunately the testing didn’t get very far as other more important items popped up, so I can only offer minimal insight.

To start with yes, you will need the serial module to be able to communicate with these over serial.

The main piece of information I can offer is to double check the behavior of your tester when sending commands/requests over serial. The testers we use will switch to remote mode and lock out all face button interaction except for the stop button. This mode can only be released remotely or by power cycling.

To get around this I would send the command to release remote mode after every command or request that I sent to the tester, to ensure the operator could still set parameters and start the device.

If your testers are in an environment where the computer talking to them is going to be controlling the start/stop and parameters then this is probably not a concern.

Thanks for pitching in, good to hear that you were successful in sending the unit commands. Yes, I think I would plan on using a PC for cycle start.