Group Comment

It would be nice if there was a place to add some comments or documentation to a Group, so that I can add some information as to what the Group does or why the Group was created.

I’m with you on that… in fact, we’ve thought of that a few times and it’s just never made its way in.

We’ll see what we can do.

I was just about to post group documentation as a feature request and decided to search for it. If it is not already on the list, I see this as an important feature as our projects get larger and more complicated. If it is on the list, do you have an expected release date?


Yikes, it’s been a year and this still hasn’t made it in. But don’t worry, improvements to project organization and documentation will be coming. I can’t specify an exact time frame, but should be within the next few months.


I’d like to second this request. I’ve had to make a Word document describing what each group does. This would be really handy.