Group error from action item

Here is the error:

I have a group that has 26 opc items in it that writes based on a trigger. This works fine. I then added an action item with an expression that returns "Test". Result data type is string. Store result to DB field is checked and field name is EventID. The field in SQL was created automatically and type is varchar(255).

When the group is triggered I get the above error and nothing is written.

Here is the error in the log

[quote]SqlCommand.Prepare method requires all variable length parameters to have an explicitly set non-zero Size.
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter.Prepare(SqlCommand cmd)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.Prepare()
at FactorySQL.Database.BufferedExecution.BufferedExecutor.StoreSet(CommandExecutionSet CommandSet)


This is a bug in buffered data writing that has been fixed for 4.2.6, which in just waiting to be uploaded.

Til then, if you need to get around it, you can avoid using buffered writing. Historical groups always use it, so if you’re using a historical group, just create a standard group that is set to insert rows. If you’re using a standard group already, it means you have the buffered writing option turned on in the “advanced tab” (for those unaware, you can show the advanced tab by turning on “show advanced group settings” in the Frontend Settings section).

But like I said, 4.2.6 is just waiting to be released, should happen tomorrow morning.