Group executed on a trigger and value change


I would need a group to execute:

  • on value change of a certain tag
  • and when a trigger becomes active

Is there a way to achieve this?

Setup a transaction group to trigger on a tag
Setup a tag change gateway or Client script that sets a tag hi or low based on its value
Have the transaction group trigger on that tag

Two Tags:
– Test Tag: Value you are looking to see change
– Trigger Tag: External trigger.

Run Always Expression Items:
– Compare Value: Holds previous value
– Group Trigger: Triggers the Group.

Triggered Expression Items:
– Update Compare Value: When the group is executed, stores the Test Tag Value
– Reset Trigger Tag: Resets External Trigger to zero.

[attachment=1]1-22-2014 11-02-18 AM.png[/attachment]

Group Trigger expression:
[attachment=0]1-22-2014 11-03-25 AM.png[/attachment]

Thanks a lot for your help! That was very helpful.