Group ID, Artifact ID and Version of Ignition Perspective Android App - APK

To upload the Ignition Extras > Ignition Perspective Android App - APK into our enterprise workflow repository, I need to know three GAV coordinates for the APK snapshot:

  • groupId
  • artifactId
  • version

Is there some way to inspect the APK to find the Group ID and Artifact ID that were specified when the APK snapshot was built? The current download would appear to be version 1.0.3

I’m a bit surprised at the idea you are allowed to rebuild these. Are you sure that’s the case?

I don’t need to rebuild it, just upload it into a repository. For this we need to know the unique project identifiers. This would be in the pom.xml used to build the downloadable APK.

I think you are confused. Android apps aren’t identified by groupId, artifactId, and version coordinates like a Maven artifact.

You may be uploading the APK into a repository that expects these things, in which case you’re free to set these to whatever value you’d like.

From what I can tell the package name we use is com.inductiveautomation.perspectiveapp, if that helps.

Thanks both @Kevin.Herron and Phil (@pturmel)

yes dazed and confused I am… I will run with this.


The learning moment here is one only needs to come up with a unique identifier within the context of the repository where the object will reside.