Group Live Analyses by Product Code Sepasoft OEE

Is there a way to group the Infeed, Outfeed, and Reject counts by Product Code in a Live Analysis? Only the 10in Plate product was ran. The 9in Plate count should be zero.

It looks like you are doing Impromptu Analysis instead of Live Analysis, is that what you meant?

We always recommend including the Equipment Path in your filtering for the best performance. The message thrown by the Analysis selector is highlighting this suggestion.

By the screenshot, it looks like you'll be returning counts for all equipment and product codes and including the Shift Start Date Time.

Did you want a shift report for all counts?

TM 12 shows the same outfeed, infeed, and reject counts for both the 9in plate product and the 10in plate product. In reality the counters did not increment during the whole duration that product_code == '9in Plate' and only incremented over the interval of time that product_code == '10in Plate'. How do I get my counts in my analysis to reflect that.

I figured this out. I had to group by ProductCode.TimeStamp instead of ProductCode.