Group Tag Importing - Kepware

Good Evening Ignition Masters,

As i am progressing too learn items in ignition and kepware i have learned too import Tags individually from the OPC browser.

what i dont know/have not figured out how too bring over all / view the tags in one of my devices from kepware that i have set up. so that i way i can access my devices from the Tag Browser.

Is your Kepserver set to read the IP of the PLC? If you have Kepserver populating the tags, then you need to simply go to the Gateway web page, go to OPC Connections -> Servers -> Create new.
Once you have it created, you must trust the connection under OPC-UA Configuration (I believe this is the right dropdown field?), find the connection, and click trust.

I have the opc connection running propperly. And when i go too OPC Browser i can view the kepware server. As well when i select creat new opc tag i can go in and find my kepware tags and pull the value back. When i add the indavidual tags onto a ignition page i see the value update. So i know my connection is working (not streamlined) What is a pain is creating indavidual tags in my tag database for each page. This would see me having too creat 100 plug tags for each wellsite too have the system upto standard.

Should the tag data base update new devices and connections in kepware as they are created so they can be used on the project?

You can drag and drop an entire folder from the OPC browser into Ignition’s tag browser, and all the tags will be created (with the same folder structure as in the OPC server)
Or, you could create a UDT structure (once) and make it dynamic, so you could create additional instances in Ignition for each well site/similar facility.

i have a kepware software with connect to injection machine use Euromap 63, in the Kepware side, there are 389 tags.
i feel it is very tired to connect them by manually type in .
So i follow your advise drop the entire folder from opc browser to ignition’s tag browser.

but i found the ignition side tag not match with the opc browser side.
in the opc browser side, there are 389 tags ,but in ignition side, there are only 99 tags, i don’t know is there any rule for the limit for the tag import or some other reasons