Group unable to start

I've been following the Inductive University videos and I can't get a transaction group to run

In the Project Browser the group shows up with an X in a circle to the right of the name, in Status it says 'Unable to Start', in Events it says 'Unable to start group' with this error

Unable to start group. com.inductiveautomation.factorysql.configuration.InvalidConfigurationExeception: Default database connection selected, but the project does not have a default connection configured.

I have a valid database connection with MySQL JDBC Driver and created a schema in MySQL Workbench names 'test' to match the database connection

Does the project have a default database selected? It's an option in Project Properties -> Project -> General


Do you have to manually create a table? Total executions and DB writes is going up but there's no table

If "Automatically create table" is selected within the transaction group you shouldn't have to create a table manually. Have you saved the project recently? Just as a check it may be worth 1) stopping the transaction group, 2) saving the project, 3) starting the transaction group, and 4) saving the project.

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I tried to make another project (actually useful template project instead of a messed up test) and the standard transaction group for the recipe handling will not start, it says the project is not enabled but there's no other errors

You normally get that "Project is not enabled" when the Trial time has run out. Restart the Trial and it should revert back to Running.

Turns out you cannot use transaction groups in an inheritable project, but you can disable inheritance temporarily though the gateway

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