Grouping Pagination with Report Designer

I have made a report that uses a dataset that is populated from a stored procedure. I would like to have the pages break in the report when there is a change in one of the columns. The column contains these values 200, 210, 220, and cellar. The problem is I would like the pages to group all the 200s together and the cellars on their own pages. Is there a place in the report designer I can put some logic to group together if it starts with a 2?

I attached a picture of where I set the grouping.

No, I would calculate this grouping requirement in the Query/Stored Proc.

Something like CASE WHEN column=‘cellar’ THEN ‘C’ ELSE ‘2xx’ END

Sure - Click on “Keys…” -> Add -> Type in something like this for the Grouping Key: round(CellarNum/100)

You’re limited to expressions that the reporting plugin supports. You may need to combine IFs (?, :slight_smile: with comparison operators (>, <), etc to make it work properly - like this CellarNum==“cellar”?100:round(CellarNum/100).

Better yet, you’ll have more flexibility using a “dummy” column for grouping in your query like Carl suggested. You can use CASE, IF, and all kinds of other fun expressions. MySQL examples.