Groups Alerts - Expression Newbie Qestion - Only accepts num

I am configuring notifications with group alerts. With the search criteria being expressions (which I assumed was a string since the db default is a varchar) it will only let me enter numeric expressions otherwise I get parsing Sytanx errors back:
Example: Syntax Error on Token: ‘End of Expression’ (Line 0, Char 0)


  1. Can I not use string expressions?
  2. When using default (Ignition generated tabel) Alert_Log what column is being searched for the expression?
  3. When configuring the tags alert properties, what is the suggested field to modify for expression (Display Path) - understanding this could be based on the answer to number 2 and subject to how end user wants to see alerts.

Thanks for any help


You can use string filtering in the expressions. Can you post the expression you are trying to use?

My bad… I was misinterpreting “Expression” LOL :blush:

Now that I put an actualy have a script type expression {[Item_Path]} LIKE ‘Folder/%’, works like a champ. Thanks for the help