Groups ar not available after closing application

Dear All ,
I am using Factory SQl, here i am created Groups around 30 .After closing my application again re open the same application , almost all groups are disappear.Finally it is available only 9 groups or around.Please let me know the what is the actual reason , is it because of demo version or some other issue.

When you create the groups, are you connected to the local service? That is, does it say “connected” in the upper right hand corner?

You might be creating a new project from “File->New Project” and adding groups there. Then, when you re-open the frontend, it connects to the service and you’re actually seeing the project there.

Have you been playing around with turning redundancy on or off? This causes the project source to change and can be confusing sometimes, because the groups will be different.

Please try to replicate the problem while connected to the service, without touching the “new project” or “open project” menu buttons, and let us know how it goes.