Groups running a time of day

Obviously in FSQL you can have a group run every 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day, ext. Is there any way to force a group to run at a specific time of day. Like I want a group to run everyday at 2:00 am?


This is a feature that is requested fairly often and was supposed to make its way into Ignition, but hasn’t yet.

The way virtually everyone does it is by creating a “run-always” action item (that is, an action item with the “ignore trigger settings” option), that runs some expression on the time to return something that can be triggered on. The group is then set to use it as trigger, and is set to run at a rate that would be sufficient to see the event. Also, it’s common to use the “only execute group once while trigger is active” option.

Some examples:

  1. Log every day at 2 am:

Trigger >0, only execute once while trigger is active, group set to run ever 5 seconds or so.

  1. Log every hour, on the hour:

Trigger on change, group set to run every second.

  1. Log at 8 am, 12 pm, 8 pm:
ExtractHour(CurrentDateTime())=8 || ExtractHour(CurrentDateTime())=12 || ExtractHour(CurrentDateTime())=20

Set up like example #1.

Hope this gives you some ideas.