GUI creation with AI

Hey, I just wanted to share some experiments I did after reading this post Create Windows Vision from a script - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum .
Based on that idea I tried feeding the xml code of a few example windows into different chatbots and prompting them to create new windows based on that.
While it did work better than expected with GPT4 and not only made a correct layout it even was able to assign small scripts to components. I still don't think that it is viable since the xml files tend to get rather big quickly and even with this small window I almost hit the token limit of 4000. One could probably do further testing if one has access to a model with bigger input.
Just wanted to share maybe someone has ideas how to improve this or maybe with better models this becomes viable.

based on these examples create an xml file for a window with the size 500x500 that has two labels on the left side below each other with a spacing of 5 between them. On the right there should be a button that sets the text of both labels to a random number. make all components the size 20x50. Dont comment your code.
(I resized the components since 20x50 is not a good size but it was correct)

After clicking: