GUI unresponsive

Hi All,

I’m here asking for a little help. I work in IT for a company that uses a Dispenser system to dispense varnishes etc.

Recently the Developer of the project hasn’t been reliable and unable to support us a number of times. We have offered to have our system upgraded, fixed and a maintenance contract written up but we’ve just been fed lies and false promises with no resolution to our issues.

We have been in contact with a company to help support us but without the Siemens project they are reluctant.

Anyway, i have just seen a reputable company near me that i’ll be in contact with today to see what they can do.

For the time being i have Error Logs and a snip of our issue to see if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction as this is a different part of IT im not used to.

GUI Snip

Wrapper Log

Any help would be fantastic even if it just gives me some more info to whats happening.


At first glance based on the number of bad tag quality overlays (the red overlay with the tag icon on it) that are visible, you’ve probably lost communications to the Ignition server with whatever device(s) are the source of those tags.

The log file you’ve uploaded is actually the binary file. There is a a wrapper.log file under Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\Logs that will be of more help.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply, i have uploaded the log wrapper for you.

Wrapper Log

Im about to go onsite and cycle the power to the Siemens gear where i presume the source of the tags reside using WinCC/simantic Manager to control. The Siemens plc is showing online in the ignition devices but no database is showing.

Edit: Power Cycle did not work unfortunately.

We have had an Inductive Automation expert looking at the issue and he’s pointing to a Siemens S7 300 PLC issue, we are trying to get somebody to look at the PLC to try and diagnose the fault. If anybody knows what they think the issue may be please let me know. Thanks for the help. I’ll keep this thread updated just for closure.

Just for closure on this if anybody has a similar issue.
We eneded up resetting the PLC manually and rebuilding all stored data in the PLC. The PLC just falls over for some reason doing a certain task but we never found out why.

We are now updating the whole system.