GW Network Incoming Connection Certificate "Common Name" has odd name

I approved an incoming connection from a new gateway that we spun up running inside a docker container, just trying to find out why the "Common Name" is named like this, and how I can change it please?

Ignition uses the host name to give a brand new install a name. If you restore a gateway backup, you'll get the name saved in the backup. But look under "Config => System => Gateway Settings".

I just checked the System Name under System / Gateway Settings is 'docker-test', which is what the screenshot above shows. I'm wondering why the "Common Name" for the certificate is a random assortment of chars.

It could be that the system name was changed after the original launch of that container. If you didn't drive the system name via the -n runtime argument, the certificate and private key would have been derived from the system hostname at that time. Changing the gateway system name won't impact existing GAN keystrokes.