GWBK db_backup_sqlite.idb Holding Old Projects

I have a 8.1.14 gateway that I was getting ready to upgrade to 8.1.28 but I noticed that my gwbk file was on the large side (~200MB) so I decided to investigate a bit. As expected, the bulk of the disk space is contained within the db_backup_sqlite.idb file. I started poking around in the sqlite tables and noticed that the PROJECTS and PROJECT_RESOURCES tables are hanging onto a bunch of projects/resources that were deleted long ago. They are also missing more recent projects that we've created over the past couple of years. Are these tables an artifact from 7.9/8.0 and are no longer used? I'm assuming this data is now stored in the file system as opposed to the internal DB (data/projects)? If so, is it safe to clear out these tables (after archiving an untouched gwbk, of course)?

This gateway started out as a 7.9.x gateway, took the hop to 8.0.x, and then to 8.1.14.


Supposed to be. You might want to experiment in a clean environment.


Thanks Phil! I have to say, that is the fastest response I have ever received on a forum post :fire:

I just happened by--decompressing after the fireworks show I hosted for the neighborhood. :grin:


Starting in 8.1.23, this cleanup should be automatically done on startup. So if you upgrade first it’ll be done for you.