Gwbk does not restore (correctly)

I came across a funny thing. While onsite I take a gwbk at the end of the day like I do at every other job (just created a project, setup DB profile, setup device, and bring in tags to ignition, and store them in to history). Assuming all was fine I got back to the office and tried to restore it and it stopped the service, started the service like normal. but when I looked closer it was the same gateway that was up before.
I tried restoring another gateway backup on my machine and it restored fine. Then tried the gwbk in question, to the same result, acted like it was working but the gateway did not restore. Any ideas why this happened?

I believe I was using 7.6.3rc2
(site is several hours away, not super easy to get 7.6.3rc3 in)

Can you upload your wrapper.log file(s) after doing the restore? Maybe there’s something in there…

Here is my wrapper file

What’s missing after you restore? Maybe you can email the gwbk to support and we can try to load it up here.

I had something like this happen before when I was (inadvertently) trying to restore onto an older version of Ignition than the gateway backup was taken from.

Hey, thanks George. That was the problem. It probly shouldn’t do that but mabey that will be fixed in the final stable version.