H.264 Viedo Compression

I know that currently you support mjpeg video on the IP cameras. A lot of the newer IP cameras on the market support H.264 compression. Is this a feature that can be added in the future for the IP Camera tool?

I hope so. H.264 (which is currently the de-factor “standard”, although perhaps not for long) is a tricky beast from a licensing perspective. It isn’t an open standard - it is a proprietary format that the owners of are letting lots of people use “for now” but are reserving the right to charge royalties for in the future.

And the other big reason - there isn’t a built-in H.264 decoding library in Java, which would make it tough for us to support. I did some Googling though, and this project looks quite promising…

Is there any update on this?
Would like to use new cameras on H.264.

Unfortunately nothing has changed, and unless Oracle licenses H.264 from the appropriate patent holders and adds support to Java, it’s possible it never will.

A great tool for video embedding with supports for lots of codec is vlc with the java flavour : vlcj and vlcj pro for the case of multiple video instance.
It is a bit complicated with some JNA calls :smiling_imp: and the need to install some native library on client side…

Wouldn’t something like this work for H.264?
jcodec - a pure java implementation of video/audio codecs.

JCodec is a library implementing a set of popular video and audio codecs. Currently JCodec supports:

Video codecs

H.264 main profile decoder;
H.264 baseline profile encoder;
VP8 decoder (I frames only);
VP8 encoder (I frames only);
MPEG 1/2 decoder ( I/P/B frames, interlace );
Apple ProRes decoder/encoder;
JPEG decoder;
PNG decoder/encoder.
Audio codecs

SMPTE 302M decoder;
AAC decoder (JAAD)
MP4 ( MOV ) demuxer / muxer;
MKV ( Matroska ) demuxer / muxer;
MPEG PS demuxer;
MPEG TS demuxer;
WAV demuxer/muxer;
MPEG Audio (MP3) demuxer;
ADTS demuxer.
DPX parser
JCodec is free software distributed under FreeBSD License.