Handheld Devices - Windows Mobile

Our customer is using Symbol/Motorola MC7094 running Windows Mobile 6.1 in a hazardous environment (Class 1, Div 2 ???).

We would like to develop Ignition screens for use on these, but cannot get a client to successfully launch.

  1. Any suggestions for launching a client on these devices?

  2. What Class 1, Div 2 rated handheld devices that run Ignition client are available.


You can only run the Ignition mobile client on devices that support HTML5 in the web browser. It appears that Windows Mobile 6.1 doesn’t support HTML5 so I don’t think you will be able to run the client. I could be wrong and it is something you can investigate with your device.

No guarantees, but ZetaKey appears to have support for HTML5 for WM6:


mcgheeiv (or IA’s people):

Could anyone install the zetakey browser on motorola devices (or another Windows Mobile device)?. What experience or feedback could provide us , regarding their operation with mobile module?

The scanner module mentioned here, works for any device that makes reading bar code as a text input? (I think, as for Motorola, unlike Intermec, this would be achieved by installing DataWedge)