Handling Exceptions


Is there a setting to hide all exceptions across a project?
We have some unattended displays that show data on the floor shop and we would like all exceptions to be ignored; we have try-catches around all major functions calls and methods, but when something outside of those fails, the exception is visible on the screen and the users can’t see some of the screen content.

Any ideas?


Oscar Salcedo

What type of exceptions, is it a custom property on a windows, a tag, or component?

Can you post an example or two?

I am not aware of a global hide of errors but you can always hide them with code

Any and all exceptions; any that will show an error message on the screen that would have to be cleared/acknowledged by someone. These screens are unattended and nobody has access to them hence the error message would be on top of the data being displayed.
I hope that helps clarify.


Oscar Salcedo.

There’s not one, as far as I know, but again, it really depends on what is actually happening. But if you can give us an example what exceptions you are seeing, we may be able to get to the root of your problem.

Also, you can use something like TightVNC to remotely get to the PCs running the displays, if you’re not already doing this.

See attachment - this is one of those that I can put try-catches around, but you get the idea of what type of error messages I am talking about.

We are not using VNC yet but plan on it.

Thanks again!


Can I risk being simplistic and say this is what testing is for?! You test your system and catch as many of these errors as you can and fix them. You then repeat until the system is solid - although perfection is impossible you shouldn’t be putting out any system that regularly brings up error dialogues.

Hi oscar.salcedo,

This may sound counter-intuitive, but if what you mean is the one that you show in the example, you should put try-except block in the script which cause the error window to occur to remove the error window.

something like:

try: #something causes error window to appear here! except: a = 0 #just do anything non-harmful here

This will make the error window disappear because Ignition would think that you aware of the error and has created proper try-catch block for it.

That is how you can remove the error window.

However, as AlThePal has stated, actually the error window is meant for us to find bugs and to solifidy our system. Making it disappear may not really get rid of the actual issue.

Hope that will help.

I meant "try-except" block.

Also, the "details" tab screenshot as well as your script from your example (instead of the "message" tab screenshot) from your example may be useful (since probably there is no way to disable the exception globally)