Handling Vision Templates


I’m having troubles working with templates.

It’s the second time that this is happening in my project, so I would like to understand what is going on in order to avoid the issue in future works.

Working on a project on the Ignition Gateway Version 7.9.9 and a Java version “1.8.0_181”.

I create a template in which I have to show 4 pictures, each pictures point to a different path, based on same script and expression.

I noticed that when I open a page that contain this template, the IDE freeze for a minute or two, and then load everything.

The same happen when I try to resize the template.

Let me know if is a known issue, or if I need to give you more info.

Last thing, when the IDE freeze, it freeze with the following message :

Thanks everyone.

Are your image components set to ‘Load in Background’?

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Yes they are all marked as “Load in BackGround”