HAProxy Reverse Proxy in Front of Ignition

Hello fellow ignition friends,

I have an interestin use case of ignition. I am trying to use HAProxy as my reverse proxy to go in front of my ignition instance. If I do not do any ssl redirects (using ssl redirects to try to make it use https as much as possible), I can connect fine through the designer and the web page. If I do use a ssl redirect, I can access the website fine but the designer will not connect (I have tried http://mydomain:80 and https://mydomain:443 along with many other configurations). I have it using http as the backend so it should be decrypting my traffic before getting to the designer. I am trying to do the termination only on my haproxy instance due to me constantly moving around certificates and also since my gateways have a lifespan of a day or two, I dont want to mess with certs constantly.

Is this an issue with the designer then? Running the latest version (the one I downloaded today off of the 8.1 server site.